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Sewer - Rates/Fees/Payment Info

Sewer Rates/Info
Sewer Rates : Based on water consumption
Billed Quarterly, February, May, August & November
0 – 3000 Gallons $20.00
Additional $6.50 for each Additional 1,000 gallons

Payment mailing address :
Merchants Bank
PO Box 194
Nazareth PA 18064-0194

Payments are also accepted at Merchants Bank, 44 S. Broad St., Nazareth, PA 18064

On-line payments can be made at


Starting May of this year, 2018, your sewer bill will have an entirely new look. Gone are the days of a sewer bill that is difficult to open. The new sewer bill will arrive at your residence or business in a regular #10 envelope with the bill enclosed. The front of the bill will show the current charges for the billing quarter, and the back side of the bill contains essential information you need to read.

To pay your bill, just remove the top portion of the bill and follow the instruction given on the back of the bill. Please note: the mailing address has changed for all payments made by mail.

For all the customers of the Nazareth Borough Municipal Authority who pay their sewer bill on time, we thank-you. For any customers who do not pay their sewer on time and owe the Nazareth Borough Municipal Authority more than $200.00 (Two-Hundred Dollars), please carefully read the following: The Nazareth Borough Municipal Authority has signed contracts with Pennsylvania American Water Company and Easton Suburban Water Authority to assist the Nazareth Borough Municipal Authority in the collection of delinquent sewer accounts by shutting off the water service to these accounts. What does this mean? If you owe more than $200.00 (Two-Hundred Dollars) in unpaid sewer bills, the Nazareth Borough Municipal Authority will proceed with water terminations.

To avoid water terminations, the Nazareth Borough Municipal Authority will offer payment plans on a per case basis. Payment plans will not be available once water shut off proceedings commence. Once water service is shut off, all delinquent monies must be paid in full to the Nazareth Borough Municipal Authority before the water service is turned on.

Thank-you for being a valued customer of the Nazareth Borough Municipal Authority.

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